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We are Thinking Outside the Lines More Than Ever!

Welcome to the new and improved Kaletale Entertainment! As you can already see, our website has been updated majorly, with a more colourful theme to it. Cingle is officially here now as a multi platform superstore portal. Choosing where you want to go is more easier than ever, there is even a section for kids titled "Noddle"!

We are currently working our big projects, one of the main projects we are working on now is our first ever feature film "Dear Diary". A story about depressed girl named Madison sees life as a piece of nothingness where everything sometimes brings people down. But when she meets a 10 year old boy named Jamal, who is the semi opposite of her. Once they eventually grow a bond, they both soon sees life as an interesting result.

The next project is a CGI japanese anime teen drama titled "Riley Riley". The series centers around the lives of Riley and her twin sister also named Riley are your typical teenage girls. They go to school, they have their friends, and they love spending time together. But when their parents are killed in a car accident, everything changes. The girls are sent to live with their aunt and uncle in a small town in the middle of nowhere. They're not used to the quiet life and they miss their friends terribly. But as they start to settle in, they realize that they have a lot more in common with each other than they ever thought possible. And as they lean on each other for support, they begin to heal and find a new home in the town they once thought they'd hate.

Next we are working on our second novel, this time original, titled "The Window of Hope". The book is about a boy named Oliver, who used to have a mother, who he loved deeply, who apparently disappeared and hasn’t returned since. Hoping that his mother will return to him someday.

And finally, our third big project is a new original short film "V.O.I.D", where does a void take, whatever gets sucked into it? V.O.I.D, is an experimental variety short film, revolving around a series of creativity and life experience, what is real, what is not. What life is from time to time, who we are and what we can achieve or accomplish. We might be aliens or we can also be god. The sky's the limit.

That's what's happening at Kaletale, new looks, new projects, new cartoons, new changes, new everything. Hope everyone enjoys our new look!

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