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Kaletale Discontinues AI...For Good!

It's official. As of today, Kaletale says goodbye to AI. Ever since Kaletale was founded in 2021, the company began experimenting with the technology and had been using it up until July. Now that era, is over for good. Many of our assets are being discontinued and removed. What will and had been removed are the following.

  1. Artworks

  2. Generated Stories

  3. Scripts & Lyrics


  5. Animation

The only survivor being Text to Speech (TTS) especially for our animated actors. However this will be temporarily as we are planning to hire some intern voice actors. Once we round up the people who are willing to help us voice our characters, then Text to Speech will be removed.

In conclusion, we should feel pretty great about ourselves. Give ourselves a nice pat on the back. And move on as a society, as we try to sweep away all the tech.

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