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Introducing Noddle, Kaletale for Kids!

After developing a selection of Showcase cartoons for kids & families, Kaletale Entertainment, finally decides to spawn a separate division. One that will produce short films, tv shows, and movies geared exclusively towards kids and families. Introducing Noddle!

Noddle, is basically the children's version of Kaletale, whereas Kaletale produces content for teens & adults, Noddle, will produce content for kids. It's target demographic is Toddlers from ages 0-2, preschoolers from 2-7, and older kids from 7-12. Noddle is currently in development of a selection of projects.

The first being a fantasy feature film titled "Seasons", where 4 fairies of the 4 seasons, using their magic to fight against the corrupted fairies, stopping them from corrupting their homes. The film will have a steampunk twist to it making it stand out from the crowd.

The next one is a tv series titled "Angel". Another fantasy project this time starring a pink fairy in training named Angel, who is learning the ways of magic and friendship throughout the forest. She also encounters some foes most likely the trolls who wants to destroy the home. Now Angel & her friends must do whatever it takes to become better with their magic, and foil the troll's plan. The rest of the projects will be showcase cartoons.

Noddle, will be able to give families a taste of what Kaletale in general has to offer, proving that despite Kaletale producing adult animation most of the time, the studio can also offer some family oriented content as well. You can watch Noddle, anytime on Kaletale's YouTube Channel, or on our website by pressing the Noddle button.

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