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Miguel Marquez


Set in the realms of fantasy, Outside time, lies a little town right in a middle of a magical forest. Journey to a world in which every fairy must work together in order to protect themselves and their homes from those who harm them. Seasons is a wonder-filled fantasy adventure about four young fairies whose goal is to become one of the heroes of their home while also taking their roles as the next leaders of the Fairies of Seasons.


Seasons are something special once you think about them.

They all begin in a tiny town in the middle of a forest called Ecotopia. A magical friendly place where fairies of all kinds live and work together.

Each fairy has its own powers to use upon the world. There are Fairies of Life, where fairies bring plant life to Earth. Next is the Fairies of Protection, which protect the universe from harm. Fairies of Health, help other fairies and many animals feel better whenever they are injured. Fairies of Nature control the weather. And finally the Fairies of Seasons, where 4 fairies do their best to make each season happen to make each season a wonderful season. Each fairy does its job every day in order to keep the Earth nice and peaceful.

However, while there are some good fairies, there are also bad fairies as well. The only ones are Fairies of Corruption, who bring chaos and despair to the world. Luckily, all the good fairies try to stop the fairies of corruption in order to keep the earth safe. But sometimes even other creatures can try to attack their homes and the world such as Bears, Bugs, Lions, Tigers, Trolls, Orcs, and many more. Each Fairy can use its own powers to protect itself and kill the evil ones.

Every 100 years, each fairy has to retire and make room for a newcomer. All fairies can live up to 300 years old until they eventually fade away like dust. For a fairy to become a full adult it takes a total of 3 years to be fully grown at age 1 their little kids, age 2 are the teenagers, and age 3 is the adults in fairies. Middle-aged fairies can go from 20-40. High-Class fairies can go from 41 to 300.


Show Cross






Aaliyah (Fairy of Winter)

Main Character

Aaliyah is one of the leaders of the new Fairies of Season team.

Her primary narrative throughout the series is, she is lovable, kind and always looking for an adventure. Always curious about what lies beyond the world, she lives in. Her other dream is to one day be a hero and a leader of a team in some way, as she wants to do whatever it takes to protect her friends and family as well as her home.

As she is the fairy of winter, she does have some magic powers for helping with the world and self defense. One of these powers is the Power of Snowflake, which emulates snow in a certain area she picks. Next is the Power of Chills, which makes everything chilly and sometimes frozen solid. And here are the defense powers, one being the Power of Ice, which shoots out icicles from her hands or from the ground up. And finally, Power of Snowmen, which summons an army of snowmen minions to help fight off the bad guys.

However, as she becomes the new leader of Fairies of Seasons, there are some bigger responsibilities and she and the rest of her friends have to learn to use her powers wisely, and only use them when necessary or for good. Use it for evil even once (this goes for every fairy) then their powers will be taken away for a long time. Therefore with her chances of becoming a fairy of seasons, her dreams may finally come true.



Set in the realms of fantasy, in a little town called Ecotopia, 4 fairies named Aaliyah, Marigold, Breeze, and Sonny wish to become the new fairies of seasons. their wish finally happens when the current fairies' time was up, they were now looking for new volunteers. The 4 quickly signed up and soon after, they are up in training. Meanwhile, after a couple of days of training, two evil fairies began showing up named Violet and Crimson. Their goal is to corrupt the world with their first location being Ecotopia. Once the 4 fairies got word that the fairies of corruption arrived, they decided to fight them off and send them away. After a long battle, the 4 fairies manage to stop the two and they have been claimed as heroes and were rewarded by being the next fairies of the seasons.


Episode Concepts

Episode 1: "The Fairies of Seasons"

"The Fairies of Seasons' introduces the world of Ecotopia where lies 4 fairies wish to be among the big leagues. Their wish eventually came true when one of the previous fairies' time is almost up and the 4 volunteered to become the new Fairies of Seasons.

Episode 2: "A Little Change of Plans"

Weeks have passed and the 4 fairies are getting bored of the same stick they have been doing ever since they've been claimed Fairies of Seasons. They all decided to experiment by taking on each other's duties to see how it will play out. 

Episode 3: "Goblins"

Ecotopia has been encountered by an army of Goblins, who threaten to destroy their homes and claim them as their own, but was actually commanded by Violet who brainwashed them in order to get what she wants. But everyone didn't want the goblins to destroy their homes, therefore it's up to the fairies of seasons to snap the goblins back into reality before it's too late.

Episode 4: "A New Set of Magic"

A Sorcerer's Apprentice parody is where Aaliyah discovers a new magic a goblin is doing and decides to replicate it from a flower. but when things go too far, she can't figure out how to stop the magic. Will she ever manage to stop the magic from going too far?

Episode 5: "The Fairies of Corruption"

A Night on Bald Mountain Parody, where Violet & Crimson team up to cause massive chaos in Ecotopia. Will the fairies manage to stop the two from total corruption? 

Episode 6: "Wishmas in Ecotopia"

It's Christmas time in Ecotopia, one of Aaliyah's favorite times of the year, but one Christmas night, she wished to be Christmas every day. Things seem to go well, but one problem occurred. Everyone in Ecotopia seems to lose their powers every hour because Christmas is every day and they aren't needed often. Therefore it's up to Aaliyah to fix the problem and make Christmas once a year.

Episode 7: "The Rise of Corruption"

A two-parter season finale, where Violet & Crimson team up once again and come up with their big plan ever. Their plan slowly comes to fruition, but the fairies tried to stop them, but this time it doesn't work. Therefore they try to get everyone in Ecotopia to work together and fight back but they were corrupted too, so it's up to the fairies of seasons to stop them from going further with their plan once again, even if their help is outsourced.


Future Seasons


Season 1

A beginning of the 4 fairies, learning the responsibilities of being the fairies of seasons, while also balancing their normal lives and foiling the fairies of corruption's plans.

Season 2

The 4 fairies have now gotten used to the responsibilities of their duties of being fairies of seasons, but the fairies of corruption soon get madder and come up with bigger and better plans as the day goes by.

Season 3

A new story arc is born where the Fairies of Corruption have successfully taken over Ecotopia, now everyone has to find a new home, while the fairies of seasons try their best to help their people out and make their community bigger and better.

Season 4

In the 4th and final season of Seasons, everyone had officially found a new home, while also fighting off some foes here and there, it seems that nothing can get better. That is until a new full-on villain shows up, and this time the Fairies of seasons are not alone anymore.


The series is an action-adventure fantasy about fairies learning responsibilities and protecting themselves from those who harm them.

Taking place in a completely different time on planet earth, it explores a world where humans don't exist, instead have fairies, goblins, orcs, and all kinds of creatures and animals. Some species can welcome you easily, while others have to prove themselves worthy in order to become one of them. 

It will have a photorealistic cinematic style, while also having a Pixar-like style mixed in with "The Dark Crystal" & "The Last Unicorn".


The World

Character Designs

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