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What's New for 2023

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

New Logo!:

Today, we present our new logo for 2023, a successor to our previous one. The new logo will be used on January 1, 2023, and will premiere with our two short films Detention & Grounded.


We are hard at work at Kaletale | Animation this year, not only production for Detention & Grounded is wrapping up, but we are also working on other projects both small and big, as we will be presenting more new showcase shorts during the year. We are also experimenting with other mediums and different styles from 2D, CGI & Stop Motion, and even A.I. We are also working on some pilot episodes for this year, one of them being "Riley Riley", "Keysha Jones", & a new one called "Fresno". More details for these projects will be presented when the time comes.


Kaletale | Studios has been very quiet in 2022, but in 2023 things will change as we're planning on projects surrounding the live-action division, even collaborations with Gallery & Zoomova.


We have been doing a lot of AI-Generated artwork throughout 2022, but in 2023 everything will change. We are expanding the art division to produce more artworks outside of AI, both digital and physical. We want to experiment with new techniques with different types of mediums and materials, such as CGI, Hand-Drawn, Flash, HTML, Live-Action, Legos, Clay, and many more. Yes, we will still produce AI-generated artwork, but this year, Art using other mediums and materials will be our main focus.


Our new gaming division Polygonal will be hard at work this year with three new arcade titles, A updated version of Alien Creatures now using 3D style with SNES Mode-7 graphics with "Stargazer"! Next is a high-flying racing game starring Riley & their friends racing through the sky while having an intense item battle, This project will be titled "Riley Riders". Finally, we have a unique fighting game where Street Fighter & Celebrity Deathmatch join forces and become the one and only "Celebrity Vs. Celebrity"! Where you can choose your favorite celebrity both old and new and fight to the death! All projects are currently in development at Polygonal.

Records is becoming Zulu:

It's official, Kaletale Records is becoming Zulu, but don't worry, we still do what we love best, making music. But we are also expanding the division to experiment with songs with lyrics instead of the typical instrumental music. Some of these upcoming songs include 'Your a Mean One Mr. Nerd" & "Naughty Boy at Christmas". Zulu will be bigger and better as the years go by.


Finally, with Zoomova, It will also be given a massive boost, as not only were we on the hunt for more new models but were also experimenting with CGI male & female models as well.

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