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We Need to Talk.

Ok, I know I’m not the only one to say this, but we need to get this off our chests. After weeks and weeks of thinking, we will explain why we aren’t really motivated with our projects (except for Dear Diary & Riley Riley). we have been reliant on what others think about out projects instead of us liking our own projects. We missed the point that a true artists can only please him/herself. No matter what others think. However even then we still manage to listen to our audience if we go down the wrong path, that’s a good thing.

However there are some projects that we have in mind but ends up getting rejected because it wasn’t “kid-friendly enough” many people rather wants us to follow the trends of many major studios, but that’s not the direction I want to take. If there’s a project that you don’t want to make but feel forced to. No good. The goal for Kaletale Entertainment is to tell stories. That’s it. Whether it’s a film for kids, a film for teens, a film for adults or even a film for all. That’s all we want to do. Fix the problems Hollywood now lacks of, telling new and well told stories especially ones told from a unique mind as well as ones who are on the autism spectrum. We want to tell stories in every genre breaking the mold of the animation is just for kids stereotype.

We have many projects in mind in various genres such as, Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Horror, Romance, Comedy, & Many more, all told in animation. Because that’s what we like to do, tell our stories in cartoons no matter what it is. Sure we may be an independent studio that nobody knows about but we still try to gain an audience of any kind. We don’t want to be known for being like every other studio out there. The problem with Hollywood nowadays is they do nothing but rehash old properties and spawning a million sequels, prequels, and superheroes. Sure we had one in mind titled Horizon but after this whole state were not so sure about making it anymore. Many people rather want to see those types of movies instead of seeing a movie that contains something original from a unique mind.

This is one of the major problems in the film industries. Instead of giving other creative minds, indie studios as well as ourselves a chance, they would just see the latest blockbuster which is most likely a sequel or reboot. It seems like many people have forgotten what originality is. Which makes us very sad, kinda makes us want to just shut down and just give up completely. Nowadays Streaming services are dying and tv networks and major studios will soon die because of their poor decisions on removing terrific original shows such as Close Enough, Infinity Train, Inside Job, Middlemost Post, & Many more in favor of shows and franchises that works best. In fact it’s so tiring and annoying that we kinda gave up on Hollywood a long time ago, and instead just go separate ways. Animation is pretty but what’s even cooler is people who make cartoons.

Another issue is how people who make cartoons are being treated, which will eventually spawn an animator’s strike. Indie Animation is awesome, there are plenty of great films from great minds such as “My life as a Zucchini”, “Les Triplets De Belleville”, “The Illusionist (2010)”, “Ethel & Earnest”, “Waking Life”, “Anomalisa”, and so much more and not only these films are good, they are OSCAR NOMINATED GOOD! And pretty soon we could be one of the indie studios that could have Oscar nominated as well as many other new studios out there.

All we need right now is a chance to show our talent. We will tell our stories, in any way, we will do our best to make them good, all we need is a chance. And we will deliver great stories for you. Unlike Hollywood, the independent film industries can offer so much more. We just need to stop being lazy with our media and actually take the time to look for them, Indie films won’t look for you, you have to look for it. That’s all we gotta say, and stay tuned for Veronica, Go the F to Sleep, V.O.I.D, Dear Diary, and many more.

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