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Two Robots are Being Built & Sending Them off to New York!

We are excited to announce that Kaletale Entertainment has officially green-lit an MA Rated sci-fi adventure show based around two robots codenamed Dot & Eve, who are on the run destined for adventure instead of being nothing but promotional material and maids for the company NaturalTech.

The series is titled "Broadway", set in the future of New York city, in the 23rd century. The 10 episode story arc centers around Dot & Eve, who have a special program that they rather want to go on adventures in New York than serving people and being nothing but promotional material in one building. Therefore the two decided to run away, which made the creator of Eve & Dot really mad. Now the creator is on the hunt to bring back the two robots broken or functional, making the two on the run. Each episode encounters the two robots seeing more of the sights of New York while hiding from their creator, in other words they have to keep a low profile which is easier said than done. They will encounter some action, chasing, fighting, love, death, sex, betrayal, meanings of life (as a robot), and many many more.

As of right now, "Broadway" is currently in it's first stages of development. Therefore the adult animated mini series will premiere in September of 2025!

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