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The Murder Mystery Begins With "Fresno"

Today, Kaletale Entertainment is currently in production with their first and only adult animated murder mystery action drama, titled "Fresno"! Fresno is an interesting place to be. But not at night, because that's when crime happens. Each episode follows a crime happening with someone being either missing or murdered in Fresno, and it is up to a 5-star undercover detective named Robin, to figure out who or what caused this crime and send that someone to jail for good.

Let's start From humble beginnings, in a little underrated town called Fresno, lives a young boy named Robin, and his father who was a detective. Robin wants to grow up to be just like him one day. One day when his father is on another mystery, with his son tagging along, he spotted the clues yet the father was capped off by a criminal leaving little Robin devastated. Years have passed since the business has been shut down after the fathers passing, Robin is now grown up and just graduated college. But one night when news broke out that crime has returned to Fresno after a few years He thought about his father's legacy and decides to reopen the detective to business himself continuing the legacy his father left behind.

Fresno will be premiering on September 2024, and will be available to watch on YouTube, Vimeo, Kaletale's Official Website, & Instagram! Fresno will be the first of its kind, being a murder mystery show that is fully 2D animated with a combination of CGI!

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