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Some Changes Have Been Decided + A New Tradition!

As of today, we are making some changes for not only this year but also next year and the studio's future. First, we have decided to delay "The Medium" once again and the other future cartoon videos to next year. The reason we are making this move is that we have a lot of work on our hands and we have been hodgepodging one project to another, and it's beginning to become stressful, it doesn't help the fact that we are developing three shows, three short films, and a movie.

Therefore we have decided to make a new tradition, where during the beginning of the year from January through March, we will be producing six cartoons per year, and produce the big projects from September through December, therefore we will be able to use the remaining of March through August to develop the big projects as well as new cartoons for next year. For short films after this year, we are cutting it down to three per year, as for movies it will be complicated. Because they are one of the more significant projects out there, you will mostly see a new movie from us every few years. Don't worry, Dear Diary is still going on schedule, however, these movies and short films will receive the holiday treatments where some will go from November and the rest will go for the December release. Therefore the upcoming shorts "Mindset", & "Veronica" will be rescheduled to November while "V.O.I.D" will be released in December.

For our TV/Web shows, just like with the short films, were going to be releasing one to three shows per year as well. Back to the showcase cartoons, because of the new six cartoons tradition, they will be split into two different types of audiences, where the first three cartoons will be for a teen and adult audiences, while the other three will be for kids and families. From March through August, we will still be active, but you will most likely see some new artwork, little animation tests, trailers, and some exclusive content.

This is a hard decision to make but we have no other choice in order not to stress out and bring more effort into our projects instead of being rushed and incomplete or even constant delays. Sometimes we expect to do everything only to have reality hit us and realize that was only limited to doing what we can. Therefore we hope you guys understand this new change but don't worry this change will be worth it as you will most likely see some cool new content that was experimented on when the time comes. Sometimes some things are just worth waiting for.

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