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SML (Super Mario Logan) Goes on Kaletale!

Yes, you heard it right here, the studio is developing a brand new refresh and retelling of the SML series. For those who don't know SML is an adult puppet series created by Logan Thirtyacre. However, for our retelling, it's not what you think. Back in 2022, SML was getting old-fashioned, with constant filler, mediocre to bad storytelling, and too much Jeffy and not enough variety. and the creator "Miguel", hopes that Jeffy's 18th Birthday could be a chance for a new fresh start for the whole SML series. Then Jeffy's 18th came and it was a disappointment.

Logan had one job and didn't take it, therefore not only was concluding the series for him, but officially left SML in general only for us to do our own spin on SML. Therefore we are proud to introduce a new upcoming animated mini-series "SML Toons"! SML Toons is an upcoming adult animated drama that features Mario, Brooklyn Guy, Chef PeePee, & Cody leaving their miserable lives behind and starting off fresh with the lives they always dreamed of having.

The upcoming pilot episode begins with the 5 members having a miserable time, but then one day when everyone's shenanigans went too far, the 5 members have finally had enough. Therefore, Mario left Rosalina & Jeffy, Cody ditched Junior & Joseph, Chef PeePee officially quits permanently, & Brooklyn Guy left Karen for good. Now realizing that their finally free they all wonder what they want to do in their lives, only to believe that one door closes, another one opens. Therefore all five decided to go their separate ways but will make sure to keep in touch.

Throughout the series, we will see 5 of these now-free people, starting off their new lives, going through their ups and downs, and achieving the goals they were never able to achieve. The series would reborn the SML series to a whole new level, with great storytelling from the team at Kaletale Entertainment + A.I., no filler, tons of character development, crossovers, and many more! SML Toons are planned to be released in 2024, as it is currently in development at Kaletale Entertainment. Even if it's not an official thing from the SML team, it will still be worth watching.

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