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Introducing "Seasons", A Wonder-filled Fantasy Adventure.

A new era officially begins, with an all-new CGI animated series "Seasons". Set in the realms of fantasy, Outside time, lies a little town right in a middle of a magical forest. Journey to a world in which every fairy must work together in order to protect themselves and their homes from those who harm them. Seasons is a wonder-filled fantasy adventure about four young fairies whose goal is to become one of the heroes of their home while also taking their roles as the next leaders of the Fairies of Seasons.

Seasons are something special once you think about them.

They all begin in a tiny town in the middle of a forest called Ecotopia. A magical friendly place where fairies of all kinds live and work together.

Each fairy has its own powers to use upon the world. There are Fairies of Life, where fairies bring plant life to Earth. Next is the Fairies of Protection, which protect the universe from harm. Fairies of Health, help other fairies and many animals feel better whenever they are injured. Fairies of Nature control the weather. And finally the Fairies of Seasons, where 4 fairies do their best to make each season happen to make each season a wonderful season. Each fairy does its job every day in order to keep the Earth nice and peaceful.

However, while there are some good fairies, there are also bad fairies as well. The only ones are Fairies of Corruption, who bring chaos and despair to the world. Luckily, all the good fairies try to stop the fairies of corruption in order to keep the earth safe. But sometimes even other creatures can try to attack their homes and the world such as Bears, Bugs, Lions, Tigers, Trolls, Orcs, and many more. Each Fairy can use its own powers to protect itself and kill the evil ones.

Every 100 years, each fairy has to retire and make room for a newcomer. All fairies can live up to 300 years old until they eventually fade away like dust.

Seasons will be your typical Saturday morning-style cartoon that will be beloved by everyone. The series is currently in production at Kaletale Animation, and we will keep you up to date with the production.

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