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Zoomova, Comic Strips & Animation

As of right now, Kaletale, Inc, is taking a break from producing artworks and instead working on other mediums such as Zoomova, Animation and Comics. For Zoomova, thanks to the new Phicen model Victoria Bexley getting a future ahead, Kaletale | Studios are developing more Phicen models to add some variety. The one close in production is a new Phicen model named Reilly Summer.

We are also getting back in to the comic business. Three are in development, one being the graphic novel "Underlands", and two standalone comic strips, "Come Downstairs", & "Meow Time". and there will be many more to come.

And Finally, Kaletale's animation division is full steam ahead on working on various animated projects. The main ones being "Dear Diary: A Madison Story", "A.I.M", "Eric & Brian", "Riley GX", "Whirlpool", and many more. We are also on the hunt for new storytellers to collaborate on new projects, with tons of creative freedom in tact. One of the films that will arrive first is our debut short "A.I.M". Set to be released for purchase on, & Vimeo On Demand. And will be released on YouTube & Newgrounds for free 2 months later. There is also a possible chance we might release A.I.M and other film projects in selected film festivals as well. We just have to wait and see on that.

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