An Old Era Ends, & A New One Begins.

From Kaletale, Inc. We are here to announce, that due to the failure of Tiny Chat's pilot episode, we decided to go in a different direction. We decided that was no longer producing projects geared towards older audiences only, and will only produce projects geared toward a General Audience so that everyone can enjoy our content. However, because of this change, some sacrifices had been made. A.I.M is being canceled, along with Goldilocks & the Three Robots, Life of Wendy, & various projects geared towards adults. However, some projects for older audiences such as "Dear Diary: A Madison Story", "Eric & Brian", "Riley GX", Atlas, & Whirlpool will still remain in tact as one of the only projects for at least a preteen and young adult audience.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Were planning on developing some projects that are for General Audiences. One of these is "Seasons" a story about a living Ike named Autumn 🍂 who was going on a trip to see the new world. But she runs out of gas, but she wasn’t far from civilization as she stumbles upon a city called Ecotopia, where all everything and everyone from every season is equal. In the city, Autumn meets another living Ike named Summer, who is willing to help Autumn with her troubles. During their time, they soon bonded and met other living Ikes named Winter and Spring. Throughout the series, each episode will feature the 4 season Ikes achieving lots of potential for new adventures in Ecotopia.

Another project is "Heroes of Justice" created by Alivia B. An action-based superhero show where Alivia herself, and her league of superheroes, fight off the bad guys from taking over their homes. And there will be more projects to come in the near future.

Shows on the other hand such as Eric & Brian, & The Farr Family, will still be in production but will be toned down for a general audience. The Game Division "Polygonal" (Formerly Kaletale Players Group), will continue to produce arcade games and casino games as is.

As for everything else, we are still gonna continue to have our creative spark with storytelling and experimenting with not only Artificial Intelligence, but also experiment with different film mediums, such as Live Action, Stop Motion, CGI, and Hand-Drawn. Sometimes we just need to change our lives for the better don't you think? This may be an end of an era for Kaletale, but it is also a beginning of a new era for us.

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