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A new Family Icon is Born!

We are proud to introduce 7 new little friends for the whole family. Meet the BomBos! BomBos are 7 little Tic-Tacs with their own personalities. The white BomBo has all emotions, Yellow is the cheerful one, Orange is the moody one, Pink is the shy one, Green is the worry wart, Blue is the gloomy one, and Red is the angry one. there will be quote cards based on them, as well as merchandise and a web-web animated show from Kaletale & Showcase. Each episode follows one of the 7 BomBos about their daily lives in a Mr Men fashion. But once in a while an episode will feature more than one BomBo where they have to learn how to get used to their differences and teamwork! BomBo will be perfect for the whole family with great storytelling, great characters, and tons of merch and cards.

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