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A.I.M is back in production along with two other projects.

Yes it's official, A.I.M (Ariana Instant Messaging) is being put back into development and will be set for release with "Dear Diary" in 2024! For some that might not remember what A.I.M is all about, heres a recap. A.I.M A true-based story about a young teenage girl named Ariana, who gave out real info to a random stranger after thinking that she'll get loads of money from him. But it turns out to be a big mistake and soon realizes her mistake.

Wendy is also back in the picture with a new original film titled "Het Meisje Van België (AKA The Girl of Belgium)". The film is about Wendy a teenager, must have to play the role as a mother and a father to take care of her young sisters, because of their parents not caring enough. Even if it means, she has to become a thief in order to provide for her sisters and herself. The film will set to be released as a follow-up of "Dear Diary" during the holidays of 2025.

Speaking of life stories, a new original animated short will premiere in the summer of 2024, with the title being "alone". A slice of life story about a lonely middle-aged man whose goal is to find love, but couldn’t. Therefore he goes through the life at home alone for a long while until he decides to leave his lonely life behind.

A.I.M, Dear Diary, Het Meisje Van België, & Alone will set a new era of animation & Kaletale Entertainment!

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