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July 5th

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by miguel marquez

Another round of Billiards begins,

Balls 1-12 are all lined up in a triangle,

While the Cue Ball sits in place.

It's purpose is freedom,

Some say if you get all the balls in the hole,

You will be free.

The player shoots the ball,

Cue knocks out one and five,

And Cue knocks out 7,6,& 4,

3,3,9, all down into the hole.

10,11,12, when does it end?

Finally, the biggest foe arrives.

Cue shoots at 8, and down to the hole it goes.

Victory goes for Cue, but ended up falling into the hole with everyone else,

The ball is trapped forever,

Will it ever be free? Only time will tell.

Dream Concept.jpg

There was a boy and a girl,

They were on the autism spectrum,

They fell in love with each other,

And they had a dream.

They dream of having a house,

They dream of cuddling,

They dream of kissing all night,

They dream of loving together forever.

The boy dreams of the girl,

The girl dreams of the boy,

Every day, they wish that their hopes and dreams would come true,

They will do anything to achieve their dreams.


by leah edwards

Here for You.jpg

here for you

by miguel marquez

When the world is cold, and no one else is there

I'm here for you, my friend to show that I care

I'll be your rock through dark and light

I'll be here for you, with all my might

When tears come, and the sadness deepens

I'll be here for you, to free you from your stress

No matter the worry, no concern the strife

I'll be here for you, throughout your life

When the future's uncertain, and your path is unclear

I'm here for you, to lend an ear

I'll listen to you, and understand your pain

And be here for you, again and again

When the storms of life, their course runs wild

I'm here for you, like a loyal child

To give you strength, and rally your spirit

I'm here for you, no matter what

So when the world is cold, and no one else is there

I'm here for you, my friend, to show you that I care.

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Lennon Willow, a strange young thing

Her heart is a dark Gothic ring

In her eyes, the shadows cling

As she dreams of being Poe's next kin.

Her dress was black, her hair a mess

Her thoughts were consumed by Poe's distress

Of lost loves and untimely deaths

And tales of haunted, ghostly breaths.

She walks the halls with a macabre grace

In her hands, a book with a solemn face

Whispering lines with a somber pace

Her soul yearned for a darker space.

Lennon Willow, a girl apart

Her words are a piercing work of art

With a pen, she paints a troubled heart

And conjures worlds of melancholy start.

In her mind, she dwells in a world of gloom

Where the sun is scarce, and the moon is her room

She seeks to be like Poe, with his haunted tomb

And find a way to make the darkness bloom.

Oh, Lennon Willow, you're a mystery to behold

With a soul that's ancient, and a heart that's bold

You see the world through a different mold

And your words will be your legacy, untold.



by miguel marquez

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