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Set in the typical modern age of the world, lies two teenage twins living in a little town right in the middle of nowhere. Journey through the lives of two twin sisters as they learn their new country life that is way different from their usual city life. Riley Riley is a slice-of-life, coming-of-age drama about two twins both named Riley, who were forced to move to the countryside called Bowlsville, live with their grandparents after the tragic car accident which wiped out their parents and now have to deal with tons of changes and new things surrounding them.


Riley Riley is a life-like tale that many people can relate to.

It all begins in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere called Bowlsville. A quiet place where everyone is themselves. It's the perfect place to hang out, relax, and enjoy yourself. Everyone may have their ups and down but we all know we will be okay.

Each person has their personality. There are quiet people, and some people don't talk much nor try to get involved with anything. Next is cool people, which are the kids who are too cool for school and endlessly show off. The goths, talk about negative descriptions of life. Serious people make sure everyone does their work on time and as planned, The autistics only become themselves and aren't afraid to face the world. And finally, the nerds, the people who are fantastic at being artists, computers, tech, coding, and more, and yet most of them aren't popular for some odd reason. Everyone does their usual job every day to keep the town working.

However, while there are some excellent and interesting people, it's no surprise that there are also bad people out there too. The bullies will pick on whomever they please. And then there are tons of criminals which are too many to list. Luckily, all the bad people end up getting in trouble thanks to either their parents, the good students, the cops, etc. But sometimes not everything works for them so everyone has to be careful not to push their buttons or else all hell breaks loose. Bowlsville may have some good and bad people, but either way, it is still a nice place to visit.

Every day, Bowlsville gets crowded with either newcomer who move in or holidaymakers who come to visit. For the town, it is always busy except for the weekdays when everyone is at school or at work, but the weekends and Fridays get packed with people almost like a big giant mall almost. Bowlsville also has a town square where it becomes the busiest place yet with tons of shopping complexes, arcades, restaurants, and many more. There is a reason why Bowlsville is the must-go place on the map.

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Riley Acuna I

Main Character

Riley I is the twin sister of Riley II. 


Riley I is one of the extroverts who is always having fun, keeping the positive side, and sometimes can be a silly doofus. But she does means very well when times are tough. Always giving someone a smile and always being there for them when they need it.

As a fun teenage girl, she has her mind set on not only her sister, but also boys. especially when she has a huge crush on Johnny Dick, the son of the teacher Mr. Dick. She is also interested in parties as a normal teenager would, therefore whenever she hears about a party, she joins in invited or un-invited. Whenever she has a bad day, she can get a little moody so whenever she is moody steer clear of her, unless you're her twin sister.

Riley is also interested in animals, bring up animals you’ll never hear the end of it. She is also into fixing cars like her sister and dreams of becoming a car fixer one day. Overall, Riley I is a cheerful yet pretty girl to hang around. 

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Riley and her twin sister also named Riley is typical teenage girls. They go to school, they have friends, and they love spending time together. But when their parents are killed in a car accident, everything changes. The girls are sent to live with their grandparents in a small town in the middle of nowhere. They're not used to the quiet life and they miss their friends terribly. But as they start to settle in, they realize that they have a lot more in common with each other than they ever thought possible. And as they lean on each other for support, they begin to heal and began to settle in the town they once thought they'd hate.

Episode Concepts

1. Riley School: The Riley twins enter a new school, meeting many friends and a frenemy.

2. Riley Cathrine: The twins wonder what is different about their new friend Cathrine until they discover that Cathrine has autism. Therefore, they understand the spectrum's meaning thanks to their special friend.

3. Riley Rumors: Briggs sets up a nasty rumor about the Riley twins, they eventually get wind of it and try to get to the bottom of it. 

4. Riley Cybertrap: The class is beginning auditioning for Mr. Dick's upcoming play The Wiz. Cathrine is playing the role as the scare crow. But she keeps messing up her lines, unaware that Danny is recording her humiliating herself. This does not go over well with the friends surrounding him. Danny learns that cyberbullying is wrong and nobody should do it.

5. Riley Play: Mr. Dick's high school play The Wiz is well under way. But there is one problem the moment where Mr. Dick states that the play will also be televised, Kira gets stage fright, therefore Riley & their friends helped her get through her fears, knowing that her friends are always there for her. 

6. Riley Chase: Chase has a crush on Riley I, but doesn't know how to express his feelings to her. His friends help him out but none of them suit him, therefore he eventually gets the guts to ask her out, his way. 

7. Riley Story: Mr. Dick gives everyone another school project this time each student has to come up with their own little story and present it to the class. But Riley I has trouble coming up with a story, therefore tries to get help from her friends and sister for some ideas. 

8. Riley Revenge: The twins accidentally bump into Briggs at lunch which caused her shirt to be all messed up, The twins quickly apologize, but Briggs was having none of it, stating that she will get revenge on them. But Briggs will soon realize that karma will get to her sooner or later.

9. Riley Perspective: Chase discovers a perspective of the school, The twins come in and see a different perspective of the school. Over time the whole group discusses and discovers other people's perspectives of not just the school, but everything else on the planet, making everyone have more of an open mind. 

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Future Seasons


Season 1

The start of the new lives of the Riley twins living in the countryside in Bowlsville. 

Season 2

The twins get settled in and are now having a good time with their new lives. But they still have to deal with Briggs. 

Season 3

The final semester of the year where the twins do their best to graduate, get jobs, and find a place of their own.


As it is a teen drama show, Riley Riley’s tone will be mature, to the point, and focused on real life, showing the audience the life of a typical teenager encountering real-life problems and how to be a better person in the real world. More of a coming-of-age story per se. 

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